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Tempting Templates

In Uncategorized on January 30, 2010 at 4:52 pm

My relationship with the templates I buy from my favorite template designers (mostly Ali Edwards, Cathy Zielske, Michelle Martin, and Katie Pertiet, all at is generally good but not always straightforward. I have used this template from Cathy Zielske’s Design Your Life course twice in just a couple of weeks, both times because it allowed me to get in many pictures of my subject’s amazing little face. The layout works well for story-telling, too.

My first layout with this template turned out like this:

The second version looks like this:

But look what happened when I started out with the left page of this template from Katie Pertiet:

I ended up with this:

As I was working on this layout problems developed: the postage stamp frame was too white for what I had on the page at that time. Then I felt the edges of the postal stamp frame were too busy for what I was doing on the page. Then something else came up, and so on. Until at one point near the end I noted that the only part of Katie’s original template that I still had on the page was the perforated edge of one of the patterned papers, but eventually that went, too. As it stands now, my  layout has nothing from the template—and yet, I have to say that the template was a help to me. It got me started, and it sort of kept up a dialogue with me. As if the template were saying, “let’s put in some cool postage frames,” or “let’s use a vintage postcard.” These were ideas I tried and found wanting for this layout, but I’m still very glad I tried them.

If you haven’t tried a template, you might want to try one now. Just remember that you want them to be “fully layered” so you have complete freedom to use them (or in at least this one case, not use them) as best suits your topic du jour.

Credits: Quelle Journee: Katie Pertiet Childhood Paper Pack and striped paper Liv Esteban at (part of class materials).

Let Them Eat Mousse: Everything from Katie Pertiet Eat Cake kit.

At the Children’s Museum: Notebook No.4 Paper Pack by Katie Pertiet,  Brad Bonanaza No.1 by Pattie Knox (recolored), Arrow by Kathryn Ballint, Grandma Rose’s Hats kit (a freebie! Get one for yourself here,)


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